Nym's Journal

I have to do this...

I’m so exhausted, but my mind is what is going to get me out of this alive (my 3’ tall frame definitely won’t) – I need to keep my thoughts organized and my brain rested. First, organization.

It seems like no matter what dimension I’m in, the whole world is against me. Back home, it was the 92% of the world that believed in God and they sent me nasty letters. That was always annoying.

Now it’s fucking brigands, criminals, and talking wolves. Yes – talking wolves. Had this occurred on the first night I was here, it would have occupied a few pages in here. Now it’s not even news.

Alright, I can feel my essence getting stronger. I’m going to try and store a few more crystals in the morning. I think the risk is worth it – at worst I’ll just be really exhausted as we ride tomorrow, but at best I’ll have a few more cards up my sleeve to get us out of trouble. I really doubt we’ve encountered the worst yet.

Anyway, we’ve done a lot in a very small period. It’s what the GT has always done – synergy and amazing efficiency when we need to.

Amy’s alright. David had some kind of godly experience and can now heal wounds. This is fortunate, as we surely stand to sustain a few more.

We arrived at Lichgate late and I went straight to bed. I need to stay rested. The following morning we were lucky enough to bump right into the only other halfling I’ve seen here. Her name was Apple Merrywind and she was the town marshal (she was really cute – I’ll have to remember that if there is no way home…after all, our kind is supposedly very rare). It was nice to have some good luck for a change. We told her about the invasion and set off.

Of course, as luck would have it, a local farm was attacked by some kind of giant caterpillar with teeth. It’s so useful having Tim be huge – he made short work of it. Amy found a crossbow bolt in the beast laced with poison, which explained it’s violent behavior. As if an invasion force unlike any ever seen isn’t enough to deal with. We sent a farm boy off to tell Apple – hopefully the town militia can do something to slow them down if, like Bronce, they are operating under the town.

On the way out of town, two men and a woman tried to rob us. Of all the people in the world, why must they pick the ones trying to save your whole god damned world? Jeremiah relieved one of them of the burden of living. The other guy was just a patsy, and we sent him back to Lichgate to turn the lady in and join the militia. He’s a big guy, though not terribly bright (Edge?). We’ll need all the muscle we can get on our side.

We arrived at Scumsgrove that night and you will not believe what happened. Dialogue right out of Star Wars Episode IV (“He doesn’t like you, I dont’ like you either…”). In a town full of bullies and criminals, which is what Scumsgrove is, it’s not a good thing to be the only three foot tall person walking around. Long story short, it wasn’t long before we were in the middle of a huge tavern brawl. Once again, having a martial artist and a half ogre came in handy (although I found creative ways to help out).

The GT is so well equipped to survive. Jeremiah and Tim’s diplomacy came through. We would have wasted a great deal of time talking to the mayor – he’s useless. The town itself is run by merchants and other criminals who stand to lose a great deal from this invasion. It’s getting late here, so long story short, they were extremely grateful and rewarded us with a pile of gold. It may be a fortune, it may only buy a candy bar – I’m not sure how much gold is worth here. All the same, it can’t hurt.

Ug…so tired. Ok, just a brief summary. We rode straight through to reach our current location, Churney on the Green. It looks like Teladrasil from WoW – definitely very druidic. We saved the pet/familiar/non-talking wolf of Churney’s leader from a very ill-tempered wolf that did talk (and threaten, and bite). It felt like The Chronicles of Narnia for a moment. He got a good bite in on Jeremiah and would’ve done more damage had Tim not stepped in. I think Jer will be fine. Anyway, she mumbled some stuff about our situation that I really should have been paying attention to – but I am so exhausted. Speaking of which, I think I’ll sleep well here – it’s very peaceful. There’s something about sleeping in a tree that makes you feel untouchable.

One last thing – I came across a section in my spellbook tonight that dealt with severing your essence. Once again, it’s not as bad as it sounds! If you rip your essence in the wrong way, it scars. But you can be very gentle with it and it will grow back fine. This discovery is important because you can actually imbue objects with your essence. From the little I’ve read, it seems like a very arduous process, but it may just be worth it. Once again, we’re going to need all the help we can get. I’ll definitely have to read up more on that.

Alright…as Amy would say, it’s sleepy beepy time. Heh…we started having some genuine laughs in the last twenty hours, even in the face of danger. We always took that for granted – but now I see how important it is. As important as I thought the fellowship the GT shared was up to this point, I was still selling it short. It may be the best thing we have going for us now.

JT Eberhard, previously of Earth



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