Nhym's Journal

I’m so happy to be here in this tower. We are waiting to meet with the council or whoever it is that runs this joint. I’m mostly glad to be here because there are guards everywhere. Sure, on terms of basic probability, there are undoubtedly some of them waiting to slit our throats as we sleep, but this is still better than being outside the walls of Saragost where is seems everybody and their bloody dog wants us dead.

Seriously, we can’t seem to take five steps without uncovering a plot to genocide this world or without getting ambushed by a bunch of bad guys intent on our demise. Come to think about it, we’re not even safe from that within the walls of Saragost – we got jumped in an alley. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – thank god Tim is huge.

When push comes to shove, the GT works as a very cohesive unit – I just wish we could all be on the same page. We killed what appeared to be an ogre the other day, which is alright because it turns out they are, in fact, typically no good in this world. But the point is that we didn’t know that and we shot first. Then again, with as many things out to get us here, shooting first could be a habit to get into.

I need to start storing more offensive spells. I may not always have Tim and Jeremiah around, and they may come in handy. Balance, JT.

Also, apparently drow exist. Swell. I foolishly allowed him to land a sleeping spell on me – which was retarded. That’s simple, simple magic and I should’ve seen it coming. Thankfully, he couldn’t slow down Tim and Jeremiah who beat him into a puddle of blood. Good. Fuck him.

This is the norm here in this place, so a little reprieve is nice. Oh! They’re letting us in, I’ll write more later!

JT (Aryon for now)



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