Nhym's Journal

2nd Entry- No date given

This sucks.

Did we save the world today? Fuck no, we didn’t. What did we do? We went and picked a fight with a local gang – you know, the kind that you will find in virtually every town in virtually every time from now until forever. Heroes? Not quite. And it may cost Amy her life, and it could have cost David his. I just watched one of my best life friends get stabbed through the chest, and for what?

God…I hope Amy’s alright.

Let me do some catching up – the GT is here: Jeremiah, Tim, David, and Amy. Tim has wound up with the opposite endowment from me: he’s a freaking giant and boy, has that come in handy. He’s a beast and everybody knows it. During our fight with Oakenfuck and his gang, Jeremiah and Tim were essentially a two-man army. My infantile (really, one-day old) study into magic yielded the results you’d expect from a man who has no idea what he was doing. I guess I provided a healthy distraction, and I definitely kept my cool in combat – but that is a poor substitute for actual battle prowess, which it seems military training has given Tim and Jeremiah in abundance. It’s obvious that this is a very dangerous world we are in, so I will need to spend every waking moment I can trying to understand the art of wizardry as much as I can in a short period. I must do everything in my power to ensure that what survivors we will be left with after tonight stay safe.

I hope Jeremiah’s alright. I want to go hug him, but I know he’d probably just want to be left alone – same with Tim.

Worse yet, apparently the GT found a note in some weird language that the local priest translated while we were scuffling with Oakenbough. It indicates that some group is planning to make an attack on the “upper world.” Initially, I thought that was ridiculous – who has the resources to launch an attack on an entire world? So I thought that maybe it was written by some creature of lesser intellect who was referring to the small berg we now occupy as the “upper world.” While this is certainly still a possibility, people don’t get sucked into alternate realities on a daily basis (yes, reality – I’ve concluded this is not a dream). It’s not completely improbable that something major is in the works. I hope my first impulse was the right one.

So, I think I’ll start skipping chapters on practical magic and focus on stuff that might just save our lives. It is clear that there is another battle coming, and I’m going to keep all my fingers crossed that it’s only a battle and not a war.

Back to studying.

scrawled in later

The town council is now meeting to come up with a strategy for what to do with this impending attack. The local priest will be unable to go and has asked any of us to attend in his stead. Given that Amy and David are both injured and will likely be unable to attend, and that Jeremiah will be mentally occupied with Amy, it seems as though that responsibility should fall to at least myself, and probably me and Tim.

It’s what must be, though I hate that I will lose studying time to do this. I suppose I should learn to establish my priorities and stick with them so long as I’m stuck here, as I won’t be able to tackle everything that must be done.

I hope we can find a way home.



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