Nhym's Journal

First entry, no date given

This must be a joke.

Geh, don’t get me wrong, I need to read and understand as much as I can right now – especially if it could mean my survival in this…whatever I’m in. I’m not sure that I miss my parents – they’re still in Mountain Home, probably worried sick about me and Tim, since I’m pretty sure Tim is here along with David and Jeremiah, probably Amy too and, unless that portal thingamajig closes itself, we can count on David’s siblings arriving sometime tomorrow.

Hrm, come to think of it, the tide will be in tomorrow and I could go wait for them. If they do show up, I can defend them at the very least using what I’m learning from this spellbook.

That’s right – I said spellbook. It turns out the laws of physics and such work similarly to the real world (not to imply that this world does not seem real), though not precisely like those in the real world. I would say that somehow a singularity popped up in David’s basement, and that by crossing Planck’s wall we have entered into another universe – but that would’ve annihilated the Earth, so that probably wasn’t it.

Anyway, you know how some people in the real world can wiggle their ears? Apparently there’s some people here who can tap into energy as an act of will and fashion it into various effects – let’s call them spells…freaking nerd. Anyway, it turns out I can’t do that. But there is a science of sorts here that delves into the manipulation of similar energies – only these energies come from the “caster” themself. It’s difficult to explain, but I’ll do my best.

Here, everybody has an essence. This is not a matter of faith, like the idea of a soul in the real world – you can actually see the workings of peoples’ essence under the right conditions in this world. Well, one of the laws of physics that still works here is that everything has an equal and opposite reaction, and that’s where spell-storing comes in. In order to store a spell you need a suitably “magic” container. I’ll spare the bloody details of what constitutes such a container, suffice that you need one.

Next, you have to go through the necessary motions to “sever” a piece of your essence. That sounds terrible, but it’s not demonic or anything. Your essence works like a muscle, and you have to tear muscle to make it stronger (this is what working out accomplishes). Well, the same is true with your essence. By working it out, you get to where you can store more and more of it. Now, like working out, this is unbelievably exhausting – so it’s not something you can do repeatedly and without rest. Anyway, once you have the severed piece, you must store it – that’s pretty easy.

Here’s where “physics” comes into play. If you modified the piece of essence correctly, then there is an incantation that returns it to you, but there is a reaction when this happens. The results of returning the piece of essence to you is a number of effects, and I have not even begun to scratch the surface. My first attempt was laid out for me in this spellbook, and it summoned a fantastic horse. I named it “Spanky”...Jeremiah and Tim would have laughed.

Anyway, the break’s about over…this kind of makes me realize how much I miss xanga. Ah well. The first spells I have prepared are:

Parietis Periculum Luminos Resarcio

I still have two more of these prisms to fill tonight. I’m working on one right now which the book indicates is the “bread and butter” of any combat caster called “Venifica Absentis” which should really help out if I elect to go back to the stones tomorrow…did I mention I nearly died there? Well I did. Being here apparently makes some alterations to you…suffice to say that I will not be relying on physical prowess to get me out of this mess.

I hope fate has been kinder to the rest of the GT. Anyway, back to studying.



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