Karsh's Journal

Day 2- Southern Cross

(the word ZOMBIE is circled and accompanied by a smiley-face)

Made it to Lichgate. Worried. Making good time?

Convinced council to abandon Lichgate. Hopefully.

(The words Apple Merrywind and Halfling are written in the margin)

Killed an ankheg. Found drow crossbow bolt w/poisons.

(The snippet DROW UNDER LICHGATE has been underlined twice)

Carriage. Ambushed by bandits. Victory. Jerry, boss, dead. Mandy, evil, captive. Tig, dumb, Lichgate.

Scums Grove. Tavern brawl! (The words This is totally Mos Eisely! are scribbled as an enthusiastic afterthought)

Convinced the Guild of Merchants to take precautions.

Churney on the Green. Killed a warg. Jass, elf, druid. (an arrow connects the name Jass to the words STARBORN LEGEND )

I’m so tired.



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