Karsh's Journal

Day 2- The Sword of Starkweather John

The moment I held the sword, it felt as though all of my doubts were stripped away. I felt complete.

I thought I might stay for a while in the old churchyard. It’s peaceful here. I can gather my thoughts.

My friends are meeting with the people of Bronce to discuss the best course of action. I already know what we must do. We must ride to Saragost with all haste and present proof of our story to the king, so that he can muster his armies and prepare to repel the invasion. We must also investigate the plans of our enemies in the Underdark, so that we may counter them successfully.

But what of Bronce? I suspect that the king has neither the time nor the inclination to send troops to defend such a far-flung hamlet that is not of any strategic value. The people will be slaughtered unless they abandon their homes and flee to the capitol. I hope they listen to reason.

I am ready to ride night and day if necessary. We cannot falter for even a moment.



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