Elwen's Journal

20th day of the Delver (late evening)

The guys made it back alive. Tim saved some street rat kid who tried to plant a cursed figurine on him. I still haven’t gotten the whole story on that, I’ll need to ask him once he’s had a chance to sleep. We’re all exhausted.

JT’s attempt to enlist the aid of the local wizard’s guild didn’t seem to get anywhere.. We all went to our rooms feeling a bit frustrated.

This is the first time I’ve had a private room since arriving here. We’re really moving up in the world. There were baths and everything. Still no running water but…that’s kind of the price you pay when you give up the modern world. For all the romanticizing people do about this time period, nobody ever mentions how much people smell. Everyone is so dirty, and with my new elven senses, I’m assaulted by it worse than the others. JT has some kind of fastidious little ritual which keeps our clothes clean and washed, thankfully..

Anyway,. with my newfound privacy, it was nice not to have to sleep in my leather armor like when we camp outside, (although the alternative is sleeping nude, which is weird on a lot of levels). I’ll spare you the details of that, but suffice it to say, I didn’t get much sleep at all when Karsh knocked on my door and told me to suit up.

Apparently there was trouble with a rat infestation, and the dwarven barkeep here wanted to hire us to investigate. Of course, we expected the problem was worse than mere rats…we know our share of fantasy tropes and you don’t hire heroes like us as exterminators.

Much to my disappointment, we weren’t disappointed…(If that doesn’t make sense, most of this week hasn’t, so bear with me). The rats in the cellar were everywhere, crawling over everything…and they started swarming… Soon giant rats joined the fray (think the R.O.U.S.’s of Princess Bride). Jeremiah did a good job getting the worst of it but Tim got chewed on quite a bit. We’re still figuring out how to fight together as a cohesive unit. What can you expect when most of us are still trying to figure out how to move unfamiliar limbs and wield weapons you’ve only seen in museum pieces?

Once the last rat was impaled on that giant sword of Tim’s, we found a tunnel and traced it back to their source: An abandoned tailor shop. It was a bit creepy, dummys and mannequins wearing decaying silks laced with cobwebs. We found two children…probably younger than ten years old, hiding in the back room.

Tim and Jeremiah tried to comfort them, but then we discovered that they weren’t children anymore. They may have been when they died, but they were vampires now. It was like Castlevania 64! They were crawling around, leaping onto the ceiling and dropping down on us, and of course, summoning swarms of their little rat pets to help tear us apart. We barely survived that battle, thanks largely to JT’s summoning a huge orb of fire that blocked off the reinforcing rats.

Now its back to bed for a well deserved rest. I’m so tired any other bedtime distractions will be the last thing on my mind. Tomorrow we’re supposed to appear before the Council of Saragost again and we’ll find out if this ‘warn the capitol’ trip was worth it.



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