Elwen's Journal

20th Day of the Delver 12:30 am

A short update. Its been four or five hours since we arrived at the Tower of Undying Light. We met the Council of Saragost. Tim is suspicious that one of them might be in cahoots (IN CAHOOTS!) with the drow. Anyway, they awarded us with 1,000 gold each (I’ve never been so rich…We need to find a safe place for all this gold. I wonder if they have banks here? Or maybe we can buy gems, that are smaller and easier to carry?)

Tomorrow night they are awarding us with badges marking us as Freemen of Saragost, which I guess is a pretty big deal. They’re holding an award ceremony and everything, probably to help raise spirits.

We have a pretty nice suite at the Inn of the Flaming Beard, owned by this dwarf that likes to insult patrons. Dwarves are funny. Four days ago I wouldn’t have been able to say that with authority.

We had a bit of a celebration downstairs, and some kid slipped a weird statue in Tim’s pockets. He ran off, but we’re pretty sure its magical. Tim, JT and I were still awake, Jeremiah and Amy had turned in for the night. We decided to split up. Tim really wanted to see if that kid was in trouble, so he went to go track him down. JT took the statue to the wizard’s guild, the Adepts of the Prism, to see if he could get it identified. That left me to try my hand at picking up on local rumors and whatnot. Normally Jeremiah takes care of this stuff, he’s better at talking to people than I am.

Anyway, it actually went pretty well. People were really pretty open and willing to talk, when they weren’t staring at my boobs. (Note: buy turtlenecks in Saragost). I mostly stuck to the rich part of the tavern.

Now I’m back in our suite, waiting for Tim and JT to get back. We planned to meet back here in an hour. I’m going to go ahead and write down what I’ve learned so I don’t forget.

-It seems there are three power bases in town – the Council, the group of mages called the Order of the Prism and a group of crime lords. We’ve met the Council already and JT is meeting with the Order now. As for the crime lords, I’m not sure if we should avoid them or try to investigate them. If there’s any kind of drow agents in the city, that’d be the easiest place for them to infiltrate. Apparently they are called the Midnight Enclave, but no one would tell me more than that.

-The law is strict. Condemned criminals are executed by being manacled to the wharf wall at low tide; the incoming tide drowns them. Note: Stay out of trouble with the law.

-The Grand Baronial Hotel is the ritzy place in town. Apparently they even have a dancing mermaid act, which would be pretty cool to see. Really snooty dress code, though. If you’re not dressed up they’ll turn you away at the door. This means no armor, probably ‘nobles outfits’ and signet rings to boot. The true test will be to see if we can make a civilized appearance out of Tim. The thought of him in a tux makes me chuckle.

-There is believed to be some kind of corruption in the Council but nobody knows quite what is going on. Maybe Tim wasn’t too far off with his suspicions? The question is, is it true, and if so, how many Council members are corrupt? I asked why people are saying there is corruption going on and I learned something very disturbing: Some people on the council have been seen talking to mysterious strangers in hoods and cloaks. Hoods and cloaks= Don’t want to be seen…or hate the sunlight. Both scream ‘drow’.

-Sometimes, an up-and-coming criminal will be fished out of the harbor, dead from a massive wound to the backside, as if someone had impaled him on a sword blade. Is there a psychotic swordsman in the city, or some kind of self-made vigilante? A demon? Could be anything in a world like this..I’m a bit worried about the whole splitting up thing now..Tim and JT should have been back by now..

-There is a powerful magical item in the Tower of Undying Light. This isn’t the light itself, though I suspect it must be powerful since electricity hasn’t been invented yet. It looks like something is moving in the crystal at the top of the tower, but I didn’t catch a good look. Anyway perhaps that magical item can be used in defense of the city. Pressing the issue a bit further, I learned that the magical item in the Tower of Undying Light controls the weather. Interesting, I guess that would account for the part of the reason the harbor is so safe.

-A ghost pirate called Captain Whisper haunts the streets of Saragost. The guard told us that he asks for ale to quench his flaming beard.

-Several major burglaries have taken place recently, in which guards have fallen unconscious after being wounded by poisoned weapons. The ambushers earlier today used poisoned crossbow bolts. Most definitely related.. If they’re drow agents, what are they stealing? No one was specific on the details.

-Saragost is the safest harbor on the island. It actually has sea-gates that have to be opened and closed to let boats in, when they’re closed they provide calm waters for all the ships in the port. Stone golems are used to open and close the sea-gates.

-I had drinks with an older gentleman who was a pretty big expert on history. He said this city used to be an elven stronghold but was burned down centuries ago, so practically none of the original buildings are still standing; the elven sewer system is still intact, however and many houses have elf-built cellars, though the occupants do not know it. I guess he thought that I’d like to know that since I was an elf. Either way, there could be cool stuff down there from the old elven stronghold.

That’s about all I had time to learn before people cleared out and started going to bed. Nothing too secretive, but some interesting rumors to follow up on. Now I just have to wait for the guys to get back. I hope they’re alright..what is taking so long?



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