Elwen's Journal

19th Day of the Delver, 4 am

Its funny, back on earth I used to routinely go without sleep and not think anything of it. Now sleep feels foreign to my body altogether. Its another reminder that I’m not really human anymore. I went into a sort of trance tonight, I saw flashes of things that I don’t remember anymore. Nothing so vivid as my dream of Lumiya, but there was something significant to my dreams. I need to learn how to remember them..

Its strange how quickly you can get used to something. Like when you put in a new pair of contact lenses, at first you are surprised by how clear everything is, and after a few minutes, you forget about the difference and what was once clarity becomes the norm. That’s kind of how I feel now. Everything is sharper, more audible, each of my five senses is stronger, but I don’t even notice it anymore.

I bought a cloak and a hood in Lichgate, to cover up a bit. Ironically, the change in gender is harder to get used to then the change in species. The cloak covers my shoulders and leaves me feeling less exposed. I was very glad for it in Scumsgrove. I never felt so scared. I tried not to show it, but suddenly I realized today how different life is for girls. Something as simple as walking through town can be terrifying. I envied Tim his strength, he seems to think he’s invincible here, with a confidence born of not yet knowing his limits. The guys seemed to enjoy themselves in the tavern brawl. Amy and I tried to blend in without attracting attention.

We warned the towns of Lichgate and Scumsgrove of the coming invasion before reaching this reminds me of a medieval hippy commune. They live in harmony with nature, and are guarded by an elven druidess named Jass. I chose a hollowed out tree to sleep in tonight, it has a little bed of moss inside with a woven blanket. Its actually very comfortable, and it gives me some privacy. Its been two days since we arrived and none of us have bathed yet. Between that and the gore that’s starting to dry on our equipment and clothes, we’re really starting to stink. I never even got to wash the ankheg guts out of my hair. I’m hoping once we get to Saragost and don’t have to worry about rushing around, there will be time for hygiene, although, in all honesty, I’m sort of dreading that moment at the same time..

Oh! I got a rapier today, must be masterwork, from its balance. I don’t have as much arm strength as I used to, but I think I can start practicing with it and maybe see how much of my fencing will translate over. I know my stance is going to be off, but once I adjust I should be able to defend myself with it.

That’s all for now..I have to meditate and…commune with the Moon? I know that sounds weird, but its how I prepare my spells. Lumiya is the elven moon goddess, and her powers are strongest at night, thus, it is under the moon that I replenish my divine energies. Its strange to be united, for a brief moment, with the divine powers of a god, and then to be severed again as the spell discharges. It is nice being able to heal my friends..if I can keep them alive, than all of this is worth it.

Note: Legend of the Starborn? What does ‘only five’ mean?



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