Elwen's Journal

17th Day of the Delver- Near Midnight


I’m not really sure how to start this entry..

Tim left to go look for the Sword of Starkweather John. I must have been more exhausted than I thought, and, feeling pretty useless watching Amy’s fitful sleep, I must have dozed off. It was not the sleep I had known before, as a human. I fell into a sort of trance, my eyes staring blankly ahead. I do not know if my friends, preoccupied as they were with what was going on, even noticed that I was out. The only way I knew it was that the room was suddenly empty, except for me and the open window to the moonlit night.

In my dream, I saw an elven woman approach me. Her hair was like starlight, and her entire being glowed with a pale radiance. She seemed serene, wise, ageless. I felt insignificant in her presence. As she approached, she seem to shrink until she was only a little taller than me at her arrival.

“You were unable to help your friends…They have all been so close to death already and you could do nothing to prevent it.” Her voice was not accusing, merely stating a truth I had already been struggling with.

I could say nothing, and only nodded.

“They will fall, one by one. The dark gathers against them and Mother can no longer intervene. She has done too much already.” The voice continued, a hint of compassion behind the silvery cadence of her words.

I looked up at her, wishing to deny her prophecy. The thought of death claiming my friends had me livid, but some part of me knew that her words rang true.

“A daughter can help her mother’s work..” The elven woman continued, sensing my frustration. “If you will serve me, as I serve Her, your friends may yet survive. Your mission may yet succeed. You must learn the healer’s art. You must become my priestess and act as my vessel. Without divine aid, only death awaits your friends…and this world.”

What could I say? I already served a God…but He had been silent since this adventure started. Perhaps He was behind this as well…a sort of higher power working through these events in His customary ‘mysterious way’. I couldn’t be sure of anything anymore, but I knew that this woman..this goddess spoke the truth.

“I accept.” The first two words I was able to utter in her presence, after what seemed like an eternity of indecision.

She smiled, pleased, and suddenly the moonlight around her seemed to spread into my being, filling every ounce of my dream self with a tranquil glow. Divine knowledge filled my mind, I realized the identity of this goddess, and the rites of her service.

“Now awake, my daughter. There is much still to be done.”



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